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Other Current Positions:

Associate Director

UCLA Center for Cognitive Neurosciences

Executive Board Member

Pacific Institute for Medical Research

Founder & Chair

ENIGMA – Neuromodulation Working Group     


Physicians for Human Rights, ATMI Working Group

Dr. Taylor Kuhn, PhD

Dr. Taylor Kuhn received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Florida. Throughout his career, he underwent extensive training in outpatient, inpatient, and perioperative neuropsychological assessment. He completed his clinical internship at the Boston Consortium for Clinical Psychology with fellowships at Harvard and Boston University. He also completed postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA where he was both chief research and assistant chief clinical fellow. Dr. Kuhn is board certified in clinical neuropsychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology and the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology (ABPP/CN).

Specializing in the intersection of neuromedical illness and mental health treatment, Dr. Kuhn provides outpatient neurocognitive and psychodiagnostic assessment along with ongoing managed care.  These services are available to adults with a broad array of neurological and psychiatric concerns.  He also provides pre-surgical, rehabilitation and geriatric psychological consultations as well as cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapy. Dr. Kuhn also offers Cognitive Style testing informing decisions on school, work, teams, relationships and wellness.  Finally, he co-founded and manages The Integrated Clinic.

Dr. Kuhn holds a research faculty appointment at UCLA. He has a growing record of accomplished research that bridges the gap between neuropsychology and neuroimaging to investigate relationships between brain structure and function across multiple neurodegenerative disorders, neuromedical illnesses, healthy aging and intellectual giftedness. More recently, his research has expanded to include neuromodulation techniques, such as focused ultrasound, as a non-invasive method for improving cognitive performance and emotion regulation.

Dr. Kuhn and ENIGMA launch the ENIGMA-Neuromodulation Working Group! Neuromodulation technologies introduce external energy – electrical, magnetic, ultrasound, photic – to the brain, invasively or noninvasively, for therapeutic purposes in neuropsychiatric conditions or basic/cognitive neuroscience.


The ENIGMA Neuromodulation Working Group (ENIGMA-Neuromod) aims to aggregate multi-modality neuromodulation data to empirically further the clinical utility and precision of neuromodulation as well as to further scientific frameworks of functional neuroanatomy. This database will be available to investigator members worldwide.


The working group is chaired by Dr. Taylor Kuhn, Dr. Ausaf Bari, Dr. Adam Woods, Dr. Fidel Vila-Rodriguez, Dr. Aprinda Indahlastari and Dr. Eric Porges. If you would like to join the ENIGMA-Neuromodulation Working Group, please contact Dr. Taylor Kuhn (

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