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 Potential Modulation of Anxiety Symptoms Using Transcranial Focused Ultrasound

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Nolan Dang

Alumnus – Lead Undergraduate Research Assistant 

Nolan Dang graduated cum laude from UCLA studying Physiological Sciences with a Neurophysiological concentration. Nolan joined the Kuhn Lab in 2020 and was a recipient of the prestigious UCLA Dean's Prize for Undergraduate Research in 2022 for his on the Potential Modulation of Anxiety Symptoms Using Transcranial Focused Ultrasound.


In addition to co-leading the Undergraduate Student Research team at the Kuhn Lab, Nolan also was also the Sports Medicine Intern Lead with UCLA's D1 Men's Tennis and Women's Swim/Dive Teams during all four years of his undergraduate studies. Nolan is passionate about the neurophysiological bases of neurodegenerative diseases and diversifying sociodemographic populations in clinical research. He aspires to combine these interests as a future physician.

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